Donald is back to scamming

Donald is back to his scamming ways. Trying to solicit donations for face shields to help the poor Filipino people. He is also talking about his big plans to bring his family over from the states.  We know this is all a lie and his passport will be confiscated soon for failure to pay his child support.

Get those fucking warts removed under your eyes Donald.

Donalds ever changing ventures

Wanted child support fugitive Donald Carr is constantly changing his career past as shown in these multiple LinkedIN profiles.

He has also published a new website

POSIE (which is his spelling of Pussy)
Deep Water (Yes you are in DeepWater  Child support criminal).
Yes that is where he lives with his alleged wife because he was already married when he married her.

Angry Bitch?

Donald’s new scam

Donald is hiding out in the Philippines from his arrest warrant. Accumulating pay and child support to snake out of his obligation. He claims he is starting a new dive business and has started a new channel. He is telling everyone he is in Dauin (Near Dumagete) but individuals near him have him in Solano. Search Google Maps for Solano you’ll see the same landmarks in his fake videos.

Donald is also trying to scam individuals for a fake suicide scam.
Please communication with his business partners and the authorities Donald’s location and the danger he is to society.

Please contact the REAL Stop Solider Suicide charity and tell them to contact Donald to CEASE and DESIST scamming in their name. I am sure this charity does not want a fugitive, alleged child and wife abusers and PhD fraud representing them too.

A new arrest warrant issued for Donalds arrest, Donald is in hiding

A new amended arrest warrant has been issued for Donald Carr’s arrest. Donald claimed in previous communications that he had a stay because of COVID-19 nothing can be further from the truth. Sources also indicate that Donald is hiding out in Solano and pretending to be staying in Subic Bay to stave off arrest.

Donalds FAKE location posting to hide from authorities.