Donald Carr SEXUAL Predator and Pedophile?

New documents have been released that indicate that Donald Carr is worse than many first thought. His own daughter Anabelle has accused him of molesting her sexually when she was a little girl. Disclaimer (this site is not accusing Donald Carr of being a Pedophile but only reporting what has been released through public records.)

AnnaBell Picture below after Donald molested her (allegedly)

The courts previously awarded a protective order forbidding him contact with his own children.

Due to Donalds preference for underage girls and that he is now accused with impregnating multiple underage woman and has bragged about his prowess as a lover. Let’s see if the courts think the same way as he apparently thinks about himself.

The Kenpo Warrior ?

Donald Carr rarely talks about his expertise in Martial Arts. Strange how he embellishes his receiving an PhD and his military exploits yet has never openly discussed his obtaining a 9th degree black-belt according to the ‘International Kenpo Karate Academies (IKKA)’ website.

or the fact that after his deployment to Kuwait as a bandage requisition officer he planned to open up his own studio.

This and the photos were taken by a publication reporting on the National Guard’s deployment to Kuwait.

We know that Donald Carr like all of his previous endeavors did not open a Kenpo studio and this is another one of the colossal failures of Donald Carr.

Even after a renown YouTube Blogger and former friend of Donald Carr mocked him in the following video.

He refused to address his expertise in Kenpo Karate. Why?

Because he knows that the founders of Kenpo would be ashamed to name Donald Carr as one of their students.

Donald Carr posted the following on their message board in 2011.

Don Carr

“Is Kenpo better? I can’t answer that because I do not partake in the practice of down talking one form to the other, but as a veteren of many combat deployments and matches, I can say that my personal prefence is Kenpo. As a loyal student of the art, I look to profect my style through focus and concentration, which in turn I administer these skills outside the Dojo/Pit helping me develop as a leader, a soldier, a husband and a parent. As a advicate of the art, I learn the history and philosophy of all the forms that have made the heritage of our form, as well as those that have influenced us or we have influnced, making me a stronger instructor and mentor. ”

Hmm.. Donald you are a VETERAN not a ‘veteren’ and you have preferences and are an advocate not ‘adviate’ and you didn’t ‘influnce’ anyone. Did you mean INFLUENCE? LEARN TO SPELL YOU FUCKING DUMB-ASS! What did you plan to PERFECT (not profect) and what is your personal PREFERENCE (not prefence)?

Kenpo helped you become a leader? Leader of what a bunch of losers who help you from failure to failure?

Kenpo helped you become a better mentor? Mentor of who? Mentor of what? It surely can’t be a mentor in spelling.

Kenpo helped you become a better solider? You were never a solider, you are a wanna be nurse who was stuck ordering bandages all day.

Kenpo helped you become a better Parent? Hmm.. You mean to the daughters you abandoned in Oklahoma while you were fucking girls just a few years older then them?

Kenpo helped you become a better husband? Did Kenpo teach you to be married to multiple women at the same time? Lie and sneak off to the Philippines on a fake missionary trip to marry and impregnate one?

Donald you should be ashamed of what you have become? Forcing yourself on underage girls? Using your Kenpo skills to injure your children? You are a sad commentary of what a human being is supposed to be. Some would say a PIECE OF SHIT!

Social Worker’s report

The screen shot below is from an official report from a supervised visitĀ  Donald Carr had with his children. When asked by his children why he Hurt them and injured them so badly he just brushes it off. A 50 year old man beating up on his little girl. Knowing the sadistic and evil behavior he’s exhibited in the past should this surprise anybody?