Where are all the supporters of Donald Kevin Carr?????

Where are you all hiding? Michael Stang pulled his channel, Joey Focus pulled his channel. Ex-pat TV and Gib Norma has disassociated itself with you.

Tim Aukshun

The Dive-shop owner Tim Aukshun supports him 100% (privately of course). In emails forwarded to us he vehemently defended Donald Carr and the employment of Donald Carr and his support of him as Vice-Commander of VFW Post 9892. I guess this rat wants to go down with the sinking ship that is ‘Donald Kevin Carr’.

The last supporters of Donald Kevin Carr

Here are some the last supporters of Donald Kevin Carr.

Joey Focus

Joey Focus affectionately referred to as the Munchkin recently appeared on BaguioLife an inactive YouTube channel of the biggest supporter of Donald Kevin Carr, Michael Stang,

Michael Stang

Joey Focus (not his real name) is an American living on disability in Davao and is intellectually challenged and although he have never met Donald Carr personally chooses to go to bat for him and defend him and his alleged Pedophilia. He is constantly working behind the scenes to clear Donald Carr’s name and put him back in the respect and good graces of the Philippine ex-pat community.

Good Luck with that Joey.

Confirmation it is really Donald Carr (aka Johnny Warrior)

This video posted by Alo De Winter a liberal homosexual deviant shows that those who claim that we are donaldcarrfiles.com have the wrong person are deceived and this is absolute proof that those who support and side with him side with an accused molester, bigamist, sexual predator, fraudster and generally evil person. Is this the type of person you want to be identified and associated with?