Andy Kosek Donald Carr supporter

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Here is what a Donald Carr supporter looks like.

Andy is the town drunk. He can only get work for a few months until he gets so drunk he sleeps in and ignores his alarm clock. He lived near Donald Carr in the Philippines and often engaged in partner swapping and homosexual sex with Donald as Andy is an outspoken bi-sexual. We do not know if his wife was underage when they met but we suspect she was.

Just a few more years Andy and she can become Donalds wife too. It doesn’t matter if Donald is married as Donald does not care if he is married to multiple women at the same time and if they are even of legal age.

Donald loves his kids

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Daddy can’t be with you right now he neglected his other children and is trying to get things settled so he can come back to your mommy who he illegally married and impregnated. I promise I won’t molest you like I did them.

Why some of Donalds court records were sealed?

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Donalds wife and children were afraid for their lives because he started posting Memes like this when he was ordered to leave the house.

The wife was afraid he would teach his daughters to kill and abuse like he does. She called the police on him and the Judge order a mental evaluation. The results are protected medical information. The fact that he was denied custodial visits at this time lead many to believe Donald Carr is a threat to society as a whole and a danger to his family.

Donald blames all his problems on PTSD

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Donald is blaming all his problems on PTSD recently. The only problem is that Donald was abusing women and children (allegedly) before he even set foot in a combat zone. Donalds issues (legal and mental) have nothing to do with military related PTSD but have to do with the fact that he is a low life scumbag who has been getting away with bullying and abusing woman, children and others his whole life. Time to MAN up as you tell your daughters and admit the fact that you are an abuser.