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[wpcdt-countdown id=”445″] has received a new sponsor. Court documents have stated how Donald likes to shove this down his daughters throats. Thanks Donald.

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    1. To The Enabler of Johnny Coward, Mike Stang,

      Good you shared that allegation the ex was a druggy. That will get JW’s charges dropped and the scenario at his July 22 and July 24 Court hearings will be…….

      Judge: Mr. Johnny Coward, I see that court record testimony from your daughters state you allegedly repeatedly beat the shit out of their Mommy, beat the shit out of every child in the house, strangled them, threatened to murder mommy’s ex husband, Shoved Tabasco sauce down their throat, then allegedly molested your daughter. You also allegedly impregnated underage children in the Philippines. Can you explain this Mr. Johnny Coward?

      Johnny Coward: Yes Judge, I did it because one of my enablers and worshippers Mike Stang told me to say mommy was a druggy.

      Go back under that rock you crawled out from under you POS Mike Stang!


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