Dave Roever and the Donald Carr Connection

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                         Donalds Mentor and Hero

It seems that Donald attended and graduated the Dave Roever school of ministry and even appeared on a show called “Victory and Recovery” that was broadcasted  in 2016 nationally on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (the show internet archive coming to DCF very soon). This we know was shortly before he told his wife and young Children he  was going to the Philippines  to spread the word of God on a missions trip. We know from the court documents that he went to the Philippines to impregnate and marry multiple Filipinas. One which he now calls his wife was allegedly underage at the time.

The Dave Roever foundation runs a program called ‘Operation Warrior’ which is what he has called some his previous charities and projects. He even calls himself ‘Johnny Warrior’ seeking to emulate his hero Dave Roever.

The Dave Roever foundation has officially distanced themselves from Donald ‘Doc’ Carr. “We hope he gets the help he needs to fully recover from the trauma he experienced while serving” a spokesperson who wishes to remain unnamed communicated to DCF.