The sailor who broke Donalds heart

Witnesses have come forth that allegedy this sailor was stationed with Donald for a short time. Donald was 24 at the time and met this Petty Officer when stationed in Luzon near the end of his short Navy enlistment. They got drunk together and enguaged in enjoyable sodomy. Donald had allegedly been penetrated when he was younger so he wasn’t a stranger to prostate stimulation. The Young Sailor had never experienced a prostate orgasm or enguaged in felching so this was a brand new experience for him.

They enjoyed a whirlwind homosexual liason for a few months until their superiors began to suspect something. At the time in the late 80s homosexuals were thrown out of the military.

The two decided for the sake of their careers to break up. Donald moved from one dominate relationship to another hoping to emulate his love for sailor boy and the sailor married a Filipina and was marred for a few years until she suspected he was gay and divorced him. He never had a  partnership ever again and Donald we all know what happened.

Sailor boy, the one who got away.

Donald Carr recently spotted in Holiday, Florida

Donald Carr was recently spotted in Florida and speculation is a buzz on the  internet. Some say it’s to stalk and kill his outspoken critic Popeye (Robbie Klausen) other say he’s just training for mass murder spree, others say it’s just for relaxation.

Please forward any spottings or tips  you might have to:

Stephanie Carr GETS A NEW trial

Donald Carr is quick to point out that he was exonerated and won his long standing 4 year divorce case but that is the furthest thing from the truth. If you read the court record you will see that the hearing on September 4th, 2019 is a NEW TRIAL. Things to be considered are;

Visitation rights

Is he even divorced from Stephanie and is he a bigamist?

An increase to the $5000 a month that was already ordered and Donald refuses to pay.

Medical Insurance for his children (right now the taxpayers are footing the bill)

Clothes, camp and cheerleading outfits.

September 4th is your reckoning Donald Carr. We fully expect you to look like this when the trial is over.

Donald Carr Files makes the official court record

DCF fan and homosexual deviant Alo DeWinter sent a postcard to Judge Shilling and it made the official record. Thanks Judge Shilling. We believe he is a fan of the site and will see through Donalds lies and deception on September 4th and justice will prevail.  Please pray for Judge Shilling that he have clear judgement and not me mesmerized like his followers and worshippers , Michael Stang, Jay Stillman, Graham and Joseph Herbert are.

Donalds judge and jury.

Is Donald Carr Bisexual?

Many believe that Donald Carr is a closet homosexual. That he cannot openly admit his sexual preference. He uses woman because they are easy to control and he can easily manipulate them. Stories of interesting meetups in the male dominated desert and his male dominated Kenpo classes lead many to believe that he is a homosexual. Many believe that Jeremy Coldfelder was stalked and harassed because he refused his sexual advances. His open discussions of sodomy, oral sex and other deviant practices leave many to ponder his sexual preferences.

Below is a sexting exchange in which he seemed overly happy when his sexting partner shared dick pics with him.

Donald Carr responsible for another hit on a vlogger?

Seems Donalds bloodlust can’t be controlled after putting a hit out on a YouTube troll and threatening an old man in the Philippines with assignation his gang has now bragged that they arranged another assault on another YouTube blogger who has been critical of their deviant and fraudulent white trash behavior.
Get well soon Larry.

A message to Donald Carr puppet Joey Herbert aka. Focus Foto

This is a message to Joseph Herbert and to anyone else who publicly supports Donald Carr and his pursuit to harass families and friends of those who oppose his lies, bullying and attacks (physical, verbal and social medially). If you continue to support this bigamist, convicted liar, alleged pedophile, child molester and plagiarizer you will be publicly outed and called to defend your position to defend an unapologetic low-life like Donald Carr.