Donald continues to ghost them while his clan continues to defend him

Although Donald has ghosted them his worshippers continue to rally to his defense with threats of lawsuits, physical violence, doxxing, etc..  Keep on defending an accused pedophile, wife abuser, bigamist and overall low life piece of white trash who could care less about you.

This is Larry ‘expat’ Preppier who lives in a concrete box with his cow and children from other fathers ‘Allegedy’. He is an avid worshipper of Donald Carr and claims he will defend him to his dying breath.

This is Larrys Wife, some would say Cow. She’s seen better days.

We sure hope the ‘Best is yet to come’ cause it looks like you need it.

This is Eric the alleged retard that cannot walk up 3 steps without grasping for air due to his 6 pack a day smoking habit. Eric needs to spend more time with his adopted retard son teaching him to wear his sweat shirt properly.

Donald Carr is threatening to kill others through his worshippers, AGAIN

On a recent live stream Michael ‘Eric’ Stang repeated the threats that Donald Carr has made to many others and continued to support, encourage and arrange the attacks on all those who question his credibility and morals.

He has threatened once again to kill/maim/intimidate Robert Klausen, Dave Phelps and Alo DeWinter by ordering his motorcycle gang to carry out the hits. The fact that his homosexual lover ‘Eric’ is repeating this plans is proof that this is real.


Joey Herbert claims DCF is an illegal website that promotes pedophilia

Joey Herbert, Aka. Focus Foto claims DCF promotes pedophile. In response to Mr. Herberts accusations we have the following rebuttal.

DCF never promoted  but only pointed out the pedophile acts that Donald Carr has been accused of committing via the court documents easily downloaded and publicly available. Also the fact that many witnesses and court documents establish a time line that the partner Donald is presently cohabiting with was underage when they first met and had sex.

In fact the timeline established is a good indication that he impregnated her when she was underage.

Also allowing Barry Jordan lust after your own daughter on YouTube is a strong indication along with the support of the accused pedophile Donald Kevin Carr that you are a Pedophile.

To the accusation that it is illegal to publish pictures of your children and grandchildren online is the fact that these images were made PUBLIC on Facebook and are freely distributable under fair use. You seem to confuse YouTubes terms of service with the law.

In fairness DCF will allow you to rebuttal any information about you published here and will withdraw any images of you or your family that you feel are in violation of your privacy.

Email to make your request.


Why is Donald Ghosting everyone?

Donald knows that his fraudulent marriage, ignoring his child support and alimony arrangements are being investigated by the US Department of State. He knows that his passport my be revoked and if his marriage to a Philippine national is deemed fraudulent by Philippine immigration authorities and that  he may deported. If his passport is revoked and he is deported his new found illegitimate family will be doomed to return to the jungle and live off rice, bananas and mangos.

Donald Carr you may think you are hiding but the authorities are coming to get you.

Is Donald Carr a terrorist?

Websters dictionary defines a Terrorist as someone who systematically uses terror or the fear of physical harm to coerce others.

The threats of using his motorcycle gang to kill and maim others,  the brandishing of weapons, even his own daughters sharing with a therapist how he shoved hot sauce down their throats is enough to say he meets the definition of a terrorist.

Top 10 Donald Carr lies

1.) I love my wife and children

Which wife, which children? You mean this one?

2.) I earned a bronze star

NO such record exists that you ever earned a bronze star

3.) I was in the Navy

No such proof ever existed and you don’t even know basic marine nomanclature.

4.) I have a PhD

Calls were made to the University you claimed to have a PhD from and posted on the internet. You never turned your dissertation in.

5.) I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Really, impregnating underage girl (alleged) while in the Philippines on missionary work kind of negates that claim.

6.) I am wealthy.

The 5K a month you pay your ex-wife and the way you live in rat infested conditions kind of says otherwise.

7.) I never molested my children

The family therapist says something different, under oath.

8.) I legally married my child bride

Court filings show differently.

9.) I am a non-violent person

Hmm, a couple of ex-wives and the state of Oklahoma who took your guns away thinks differently.

10.) I was totally exonerated

You were never tried so how can you be exonerated? Well there is that court case in the 90s where you allegedly threatened to kill someone with a rifle and were not found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So I guess you were exonerated.

Donald uses the hacking defense to deny charges of collusion and conspiracy

Donald Carr when recently confronted by authorities has claimed that his Facebook site was hacked by extremists who changed his name from ‘Don’ to ‘Tabib’.

The only issue with this is that your Facebook page is still controlled by you evidenced through recent postings and conversations with others. This is another one of your lies that are obvious to spot.  In the next post we will expose your top 10 lies.

Donald Carr will soon learn that forming a militia in the Philippines as a foreigner is considered sedition.

The hole gets deeper and deeper. Enjoy the moments you have with your Child bride and kids now before you get deported low life.