Chaplin Donald leaves family destitute while celebrating Thanksgiving with bastard children and whores

Donalds destitute family who had one canned green beans to eat for Thanksgiving.

Christian Donald Carr celebrates Thanksgiving with his new family and bastard children conceived out of wedlock (his marriage to the allegedly underage prostitute was consummated BEFORE his marriage in Oklahoma was dissolved). Donald bragged about how wonderful and what a war hero he was to his friends and whores this Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the sunsets as long as you can Donald.

Just a couple of Donalds Concubines.

What valuable lessons have you learned Donald?

Did you learn the following?

Wait till she’s 18 to impregnate her?
Erase your browser history when viewing teenage Asian porn?
Get a better disguise when going to Angeles City to visit your whores?
Get a divorce first before you remarry?
Don’t lie about having a PhD when it’s easy to verify?
Don’t stick your fingers in your little girls vagina?

Are they the lessons you learned?

Donald leaves single mother of 4 destitute

Donald continues to leave a single mother of 4 destitute (2 of those being his biological children).

He wiped their bank account out, refuses medical treatment and sold their residence and refused to give her the portion of the equity own her.

His contempt case is now scheduled for March.

Meanwhile he continues to post things like this on Facebook.

Long time supported Andy Kosek kills himself

RIP Andy

Long time supporter and advocate for Andrew Kosek was reported dead recently. Andy has has multiple rehab stints in recent history to recover from Alcoholism. An insider told DCF that Andy could not handle the shame of being associated with a known and accused child molester. His is survived by his girlfriend and the child that bore out of wedlock.

The family has asked in lieu of donations that money be donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Please pray for his wife and child.

Donald says Child Support is UnAmerican

Donald Carr in a recent Skype interview stated that paying Child Support is UnAmerican. That only democrats support paying for Children they father. “Look he said, Dogs when they procreate don’t pay, why should Free Americans, are we not better than Dogs?”

He stated that “free Americans should be free to impregnate any woman they want to. It should be consensual and she should be old enough to conceive”.  When asked what does that mean he said due to the sensitivity of the Me Too movement he would not go beyond the term ‘Conceive’. “Mary was 13 when she gave birth to Jesus, you don’t see anyone calling God a pedophile”. Donald’s views are very interesting and many would think twisted.

Donald Refuses to pay and leaves single mother penniless

Donald Carr continues to pay the court appointed Child support and Alimony the court has ordered leaving a single mother to raise their two children penniless. She is dependent of family members to support his children while he parades around as the international CCF Motorcycle Club ambassador and the VFW 9892 Vice Commander and substitute Chaplin.

The full details can be viewed her or downloaded from the Official Court site. (Search Donald Carr) 

View the full complaint from his Ex-Wife.

Donalds Debts

Breaking NEWS Donald’s Lawyer RUNS from the case

Heather Strohmeyer Esq. through the law offices of Keith J. Nedwick has withdrawn as the attorney of record for Donald K. Carr.

Sources close to the case say it is because he has refused to pay and has been deceptive. A new Attorney for Donald hasn’t been named and he has 30 days to appear before the Judge or a bench warrant will be issued for his arrest.

You can read the the motion here or search the case file.

Donald New Lawyer

Taylor D’clardo has distanced himself from his father

Taylor D’clardo Graeme Cochrane’s son has distanced himself from his fathers support of Donald Carr.

‘I do not support someone with a history of violence and disrecept for their fellow human beings” he was quoted as saying.

Taylor is Graemes biological son from a relationship he had with a waitress. They never got married and he assumed his mothers maiden name.