Donald even lies to his father

In a recent response for a Facebook post that the monster who raised Donald Carr responded

Really Jack ‘Off’?
Did Donald tell you the marriage to his child bride was illegal?

Did Donald tell you he fled to the Phillippines after being caugt up in a missions scam?

Donald DOESN’T own a dive shop, he doesn’t have a pot to piss in. He is
$250K in debt and it keeps adding up as he refuses to pay child support. ailimony and Stephanies part of the retirment he owes her. His buddy an avid Donald Trump worshipper like you lets him clean sperm off his bathroom walls.

Donald doesn’t train NAVY seals, he’s lucky to train a few suckers who want to find seashells.

He’s an AMB ASS ADOR for a motorcycle gang on a deserted Island and doesn’t even own a motorcycle.

You should be proud of your son Mr. Carr, he lies, cheats and molests women and children like you do (allegedy).

What Donald Carr wants for Christmas?

Donald Carr has said he wants the following for Christmas;

1.) Not be called a pedophile because he hooked with with a teenager and was accused to molesting his daughter. These are all isolated overblown incidents he claims.

2.) Find a way to pay off the 1/4 Million dollars he owes his ex-wife from Child Support, Alimony, Sales from previous houses, 1/2 of his military pension, lawyers fees, unpaid loans, etc.

3.) Erase the shame that his divorce has caused and seal the records.

4.) Be exonerated from charges and allegations that his is a bigamist.

5.) Be exonerated from charges of making false statements and fraud.

6.) That Alo DeWinter stops posting videos about him.

7.) That his mistress in Angeles City won’t come after him for child support.

8.) That his buddy Tim would gift him the dive shop.

9.) That people would stop calling him out about lying about having a PhD.

10.) That would shut down.

Sorry Donald this year you won’t get your Christmas wishes.

Donald Carr and VFW Post 9892 Continue to exploit young women

Like previous years VFW Post 9892 under the leadership of Vice Commander Carr conducted a meat market at their last Chili-Cook-off. Under the guise of being a pageant young woman were paraded in-front of elderly men and received a prize if they won. Many of these young women, some of who are still in High-School, were looking for sponsors pay their tuition this coming school year in exchange for sexual favors. This VFW post has been under scrutiny in the past for their immoral and unethical behavior this is just another example.

Donald Carr when asked about this, according to sources close to the situation said “What’s wrong with a woman using her vagina to make money, God created them with vaginas so they should use them?”

Jermaine Marquez Carr responds ‘I’m not a home wrecking whore!”

Jermaine Marquez Carr responded recently to allegations that she is a home wrecking whore. “Listen I never charged for sex, Donald was hansom Canu and a respected preacher what young girl wouldn’t want to be with him?” she stated.

She countered “Yes I was young but his wife not deserve him, he wonderful man and he give money to my parents.”.

“Yes we met in March of 2016, just short of my 18th birthday be he not get me pregnant until I was 18 years old.”

“Don was my first, I never have sex with man before and my parent approve, say I should make him happy.”

What about those who say he was not yet divorced when he married you? She countered “Who cares, that’s American law, we are marry in God’s eye and he love me, his old wife fat and stupid, I am young and intelligent, I love ┬áDon and our new family, he choose me over his old family and I love him for that.”

“Look how beautiful, I am do you blame Don for leaving his fat wife and making me the new one?”