Donald’s Military Lies

Donald is always telling people he was a Marine but the truth is he was in the Navy for 6 years from 1988 – 1994 until his enlistment was finished. Then he was told to leave the Navy or face charges of fraternization.
He then worked for Honey Well and in a Tampon factory until he enlisted in the Reserves in 2000 then transferred to the Oklahoma National Guard and attended BOLC (Basic Officers Leadership Course) and became a medial officer in the National Guard where he was deployed multiple times in Iraq. He was allegedly injured in  mortar  attack and claimed injury and later PTSD to draw retirement as an officer. He is a fraud through and through.

Donald’s elusive and criminal past

It seems that Donald’s recently bout with divorce, allegations of child abuse, child abandonment, fraud, violence, etc. is an ongoing pattern and has been persistent his whole life. Sources close to Donald in the past have shared the following with DCF.

He has accused in court of physical abuse against his other children in the 90s.

He was a Navy Corpsman stationed at 29 Palms where he was trained with Marine Corpsman in 1990. After finishing high school he drifted in and out of menial jobs and failing community college until he enlisted in the Navy. He had a promising future in Navy and was deployed as Corpsman and deployed in Desert Storm where he like most veterans in Desert Storm stood around helping to draw blood and assist medical personnel. He was never stationed in combat or harms was and only assisted in a rear support base.

After Desert Storm he returned to California where he attended advanced medical school (bi0-warefare)  school in Oakland and then was deployed as an instructor to Camp Pendleton, Ca. where he taught basic corpsman/medic course to new trainees. He excelled in CPR and Mouth to Mouth necessitation courses.

It was there that he was investigated for having sexual relations with a student and was promoted to the rank of E-4 (Petty Officer 3rd class). Since his enlistment was closed to being done the Navy decided to let him leave instead of convening a Captain’s mast.  He wanted to re-enlist but knew that he would be facing judicial proceedings if he did so.  It was shortly after his release from the service that he left his first wife and child and ran off with his girlfriend, draining the joint checking account (sound familiar)  where he allegedly fathered another child.  The relationship ran its course and Donald left his girlfriend (whom he claim to have married) after 3 years and no contact and returned and fought his first wife for custody of their child.  The judge ruled against him and denied visitation and custody.  Donald has been out if their lives since and has been taken to court many times for non payment of child support from multiple women and only paid when threatened with legal action or imprisonment.

He allegedly even tried to obtain welfare (food stamps, medical, etc.) using the names of these children and later pleaded guilty for lying to do so.

After Donald’s discharge from the military in 1993 he bounced around in menial jobs till he reenlisted in the military, Army in 1997. He used his GI bill to get an associates and bachelor degree online from the diploma mill (Phoenix University). The Army converted his Corpsmen military specialty to Medic and he was promoted to Sargent in the Army in 1998. He later applied to become a reserve  medial officer through the Army’s  BOLC course ( where he learned to become a administrative medical officer to assist the Army Medical Corps.  He was passed over for promotion in 2004 and returned to his family home in Oklahoma and transferred to the Oklahoma National Guard where he was deployed to the middle east after 911 on two occasions served as an administrative officer.

He allegedly claimed that he was injured in a mortar attack and received a medical discharge after his last deployment. He was diagnosed upon discharge with having PTSD.

It seems that Donald has a repeated history of abusing and abandoning children. Cheating on partners, lying and deceiving others.

More information to follow,

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What does Donald do with all his money?

Recently the court found Donald Carr guilty of not paying his child support and bouncing child support check payments. In fact he was ordered to put up a $15k bond or not allowed to leave the USA.

What does he do with his large military pension (almost $9k per month)?

Is it girls, underage and barely legal?

Is it drugs?

is it his closeted homosexual affairs?

Email if you have information.