Donald moves from location to location avoiding discovery and running out on debts – Update

Donald has moved his Dive Shop again. Moving his family from place to place , running out on debts and spreading the same old story.

Please contact his NEW landlord and warn them

Balbalan 6305, Dimiao, 6305 Bohol, Philippines
Call them up
+63 38 510 0917

Donald celebrates another christmas without reaching out to his children.

Donald Carr a fugitive from justice, hiding out in the Philippines to avoid providing financial support to his young daugters who earlier accused him of molestation is now laughing with his new family that he doesn’t have to pay support like all those other dumbasses.

Destitute Sisters begging for food

Donald Carr worshipper Michael ‘Eric’ Stang has reappeared on the YouTube Scene.

‘Eric’ the retard has reappeared on the ‘Mead’ show with his buddy Graham defending Donald. ‘Eric’ is still alive despited having Emphysema and COPD from this 3 pack a day habit.  Be sure to greet him if you run across him and let him know we have not forgotten his undying support for a dead beat father and alleged child molestor/pedophile and bigamist Donald ‘Johnny Warrior’ Carr.