Is Donald Carr (Aka Johnny Warrior) married to multiple women at the same time?

Taken from a protective order (sworn affidavit) by Donalds wife claiming he is married to multiple women.

Donald Carr as we know is married to Stephanie (pictured below)

and to Jermaine

Other women have come forward claiming they are married to Donald

We know he is married to Stephanie at the time her protective order was issued in 2016 (see top) we see that he told her he was already married to a teenager in the Philippines.  We have eye witnesses that he married in the spring to 2017. So we know he is married to at least 3 woman right now.

Donald claims to be a Baptist not a Mormon. Shame on you DONALD.

Donald Carr convicted LIAR!

Donald Carr is a failure. He has always been a failure and continues to be one. He blames PTSD on his problems but the court cases tell a different story. He first comes to light in the early 2003 when he was accused of

Link to his guilty plea

violating Arizona Statute, 23-785 (F6), false statement to obtain benefits.
The statute reads as follows:

“Any person who knowingly makes a false statement or representation believing it to be false or who knowingly fails to disclose a material fact in order to obtain or increase a benefit or other payment under this chapter either for himself or for another person, or under an employment security law of another state, the federal government or a foreign government, is guilty of a class 6 felony. Each such false statement or representation or failure to disclose a material fact shall constitute a separate offense.”

We know this individual is a liar and here is judicial proof. He was exposed in the fall of 2018 as a PhD fraud and then some of his other lies have come to light.

Download the PDF of his sentencing 

Donald Carr made a big deal about Peter Vandever getting arrested around the same time for playing pocket pool (masturbating) at the back of a Taco Bell. Peter was just having some harmless fun while at this time Donald was jerking off the Government, making false statements to obtain benefits.

More is coming to light, VFW VICE Commander Carr sit back and enjoy the ride.

VFW POST 9892 has an alleged SCAMMER, PEDOPHILE, CHILD MOLESTER and BIGAMIST as their Vice Commander

I guess the VFW doesn’t care that their newly appointed Vice Commander is a scammer, pedophile, child molester and bigamist.  Enough documentation is out proving that Donald Carr pleaded guilty to making false statements under oath, is still married to his first wife Stephanie while at the same time illegally marred to a Filipina. His claimed PhD is a lie and his wife Stephanie took a restraining order out on him for molesting their children. He is due in court next month to answer to charges of not paying child support and spousal support.

You need to contact the VFW at

and let them know what kind of trash they harbor.

The VFW should be ashamed that a piece of shit like Donald Carr muddies the reputation of the VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars).

Look at all those positions Donald Holds. FAILURE is our prediction

Donald swearing an oath just like the one he did when he married both times and is trying to uphold.

More underage girls for Donald to impregnate and molest?

EX-PAT TV no longer ran by Donald Carr?

Some have messaged that the YouTube channel EXPAT-TV is no longer controlled by Donald Carr (aka Johnny Warrior)

If you visit the site you will see that his old buddy Gibb is running it. Gibb is a known worshiper of Donald Carr. He left his wife and children for a 19 year old like his mentor Donald and is finding ways to scam the system.

Gibb in his younger days with his chocolate wife.

Gib now with his his barely legal rental girl friend

We at wish hm much success with taking over EXPAT TV but none of us really believe that Donald is out of the picture. This is attempt to hide from the accusations facing him instead of facing them like a man.

Donald Carr – Pervert

Welcome to Donald Carr files site. This site is dedicated to exposing the fraud and evil ways of an expat currently living in the Philippines known to many as Johnny Warrior.  Donald is a YouTube blogger who claims to be an expert in many areas, and falsely claims to hold a PhD.  This site will expose thought court documents, eyewitness accounts and alternate media that Donald Carr (AKA Johnny Warrior) is an evil individual. The goal of this site is to encourage him to take responsibility for his evil ways and make amends with those he harmed.

We would also hope that he provides for both of his families (pays spousal and child support) and lives his life in quiet humility.