Joseph Paul Herbert, AKA Focus Foto, AKA Joey Focus, AKA Rajin Cajun Donald Carr supporter is hiding in the Philippines

Joseph Paul Herbert likes to say that he is not a criminal and should not be linked to Donald Carr’s pedophilia and child molestation allegation. That ‘Guilt by association is wrong. We at agree with you.

We allege you are a criminal due to your criminal past which is easily found online.


Congratulations Donald Carr for being accepted to the MC ‘LANA’ Biker’s Club

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Congratulations Donald Carr for being accepted to the MC ‘LANA’ Biker’s Club. Do they know you are an accused pedophile, woman beater, bigamist and overall fraud and low life piece of trash?

Now you get to ride away with your drunk bisexual buddy Andy and eat each others feces in absolute ecstasy.

Andy now can suck on something other than a Cigar.

Keep practicing at Daddy’s house in Mounds, OK. You get the hang of it.

Donald’s Carr new intimidation tatic (YouTube Site)

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It seems Donald Carr has started a new YouTube site to intimidate others. He has been creating videos with his new Biker Gang and threatening several bloggers that there were going to ride to their houses and ‘Shut them up’. It seems Donald is not MAN enough to do it himself he’s got to try to incite and intimidate through others.

Link to New Channel

Donald loves his kids

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Daddy can’t be with you right now he neglected his other children and is trying to get things settled so he can come back to your mommy who he illegally married and impregnated. I promise I won’t molest you like I did them.

Why some of Donalds court records were sealed?

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Donalds wife and children were afraid for their lives because he started posting Memes like this when he was ordered to leave the house.

The wife was afraid he would teach his daughters to kill and abuse like he does. She called the police on him and the Judge order a mental evaluation. The results are protected medical information. The fact that he was denied custodial visits at this time lead many to believe Donald Carr is a threat to society as a whole and a danger to his family.


Look at this loser. All the projects he’s done in the past few years that have failed. Don time to end your life you know you are a loser and need to kill yourself for the betterment of mankind.