Andy Kosek Donald Carr supporter

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Here is what a Donald Carr supporter looks like.

Andy is the town drunk. He can only get work for a few months until he gets so drunk he sleeps in and ignores his alarm clock. He lived near Donald Carr in the Philippines and often engaged in partner swapping and homosexual sex with Donald as Andy is an outspoken bi-sexual. We do not know if his wife was underage when they met but we suspect she was.

Just a few more years Andy and she can become Donalds wife too. It doesn’t matter if Donald is married as Donald does not care if he is married to multiple women at the same time and if they are even of legal age.

Donald loves his kids

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Daddy can’t be with you right now he neglected his other children and is trying to get things settled so he can come back to your mommy who he illegally married and impregnated. I promise I won’t molest you like I did them.

The Carr girls, a therapist notes.

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The actual therapy session cries are captured on this video. Be warned and ready to cry when you hear what they endured at the hand of Donald Carr as alleged in court documents.

Donald wants it stricken from the record he allegedly beat and fingered his own daughters


Donald wants it stricken from the record he allegedly beat and fingered his own daughters. He doesn’t like that the whole world knows what a piece of shit he is. He is now in the states fighting for the children he never cared about before.

Original filings below

CC19071200000358 CC19071200000365

Follow the case here:

Was Donald told to leave and not come back?

Did Donald’s wife find out that this girl was also carrying his love child?

Donald’s Carr 19 year old wife.

“Don’t come back till you clean up your messes Don.”  she was reported as saying.

I guess you have time for those supervised 33 nights now in Oklahoma.


Is VFW Post 9892 and Donald Carr (Vice-Commander) exploiting women?

Interesting comments to pictures and articles posted about the alleged exploitation of woman at the annual official VFW post 9892 Chili Cook off. The chili cook off is supposed to be a family event representing the United States Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) but by the accounts of many prostitutes were bussed in to parade in front of these ugly old Sexpats and their wives and girlfriends and arranged randevous afterwards to placate their lustful desires. It is believed that many of these girls are underage also. The commander allegedy heard complaints and told those who complained to “Fuck Off” .  The national VFW has been informed along with the Army and Navy times and the Washington Post along with local Philippine news outlets and President Rodrigo Duterte office. Let’s see who “fucks off” first.