Joseph Paul Herbert, AKA Focus Foto, AKA Joey Focus, AKA Rajin Cajun Donald Carr supporter is hiding in the Philippines

Joseph Paul Herbert likes to say that he is not a criminal and should not be linked to Donald Carr’s pedophilia and child molestation allegation. That ‘Guilt by association is wrong. We at agree with you.

We allege you are a criminal due to your criminal past which is easily found online.


Congratulations Donald Carr for being accepted to the MC ‘LANA’ Biker’s Club

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Congratulations Donald Carr for being accepted to the MC ‘LANA’ Biker’s Club. Do they know you are an accused pedophile, woman beater, bigamist and overall fraud and low life piece of trash?

Now you get to ride away with your drunk bisexual buddy Andy and eat each others feces in absolute ecstasy.

Andy now can suck on something other than a Cigar.

Keep practicing at Daddy’s house in Mounds, OK. You get the hang of it.

Donald’s Carr new intimidation tatic (YouTube Site)

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It seems Donald Carr has started a new YouTube site to intimidate others. He has been creating videos with his new Biker Gang and threatening several bloggers that there were going to ride to their houses and ‘Shut them up’. It seems Donald is not MAN enough to do it himself he’s got to try to incite and intimidate through others.

Link to New Channel

Donald loves his kids

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Daddy can’t be with you right now he neglected his other children and is trying to get things settled so he can come back to your mommy who he illegally married and impregnated. I promise I won’t molest you like I did them.

The Carr girls, a therapist notes.

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The actual therapy session cries are captured on this video. Be warned and ready to cry when you hear what they endured at the hand of Donald Carr as alleged in court documents.

Donald wants it stricken from the record he allegedly beat and fingered his own daughters


Donald wants it stricken from the record he allegedly beat and fingered his own daughters. He doesn’t like that the whole world knows what a piece of shit he is. He is now in the states fighting for the children he never cared about before.

Original filings below

CC19071200000358 CC19071200000365

Follow the case here:

Was Donald told to leave and not come back?

Did Donald’s wife find out that this girl was also carrying his love child?

Donald’s Carr 19 year old wife.

“Don’t come back till you clean up your messes Don.”  she was reported as saying.

I guess you have time for those supervised 33 nights now in Oklahoma.


Ex-wife claims JW is homosexual

I was a Wife (Part 2)
Disclaimer has  not verified that this individual is a true person. All statements should be interpreted as satire or for their entertainment value.

Admin – You said he was a good lover please explain?

Ex-wife: – It was obvious that he was skilled in Fellatio and Cunnilingus and I enjoyed him going down on me but he had problems maintaining an erection. I think he has always been a homosexual and just can’t admit it.

Admin – What make, you say that?

Ex-wife: – He enjoyed prostate stimulation immensely and would get an erection when doing so. I saw in his internet history browser that he liked visiting sites with gays making love.

Admin – Why do you think he didn’t just come out of the closet?

Ex-wife: I think at the time the military would have kicked him out of the reserves so he kept it hidden.

Admin – Military, many have wondered about his military service, what do you know?

Ex-wife: When we were together he was a Sargent but talked about going to officers school. He said he was to old but could get an exception. He wasn’t full time military he worked in a Medical Supply factory that sells catheters online but was always going to some military school or assigments. Theme company couldn’t fire him cause the law doesn’t allow reservists to be fired so they kept him but he always managed to get new orders before they could.

Admin – Catheters, lmao how appropriate. He’s always talking about penes.

(Part 3 coming)