Donald buys views

Looks like Donald’s buying views on YouTube for his new channel. He doesn’t have money to pay his children’s child support but can buy views for a YouTube channel that is doomed to fail like his last three?

This violates YouTube policy

Please report his channel here (tells you how to report it)

Link to Don’s bogus channel

Donald’s Military Lies

Donald is always telling people he was a Marine but the truth is he was in the Navy for 6 years from 1988 – 1994 until his enlistment was finished. Then he was told to leave the Navy or face charges of fraternization.
He then worked for Honey Well and in a Tampon factory until he enlisted in the Reserves in 2000 then transferred to the Oklahoma National Guard and attended BOLC (Basic Officers Leadership Course) and became a medial officer in the National Guard where he was deployed multiple times in Iraq. He was allegedly injured in  mortar  attack and claimed injury and later PTSD to draw retirement as an officer. He is a fraud through and through.