VFW POST 9892 has an alleged SCAMMER, PEDOPHILE, CHILD MOLESTER and BIGAMIST as their Vice Commander

I guess the VFW doesn’t care that their newly appointed Vice Commander is a scammer, pedophile, child molester and bigamist.  Enough documentation is out proving that Donald Carr pleaded guilty to making false statements under oath, is still married to his first wife Stephanie while at the same time illegally marred to a Filipina. His claimed PhD is a lie and his wife Stephanie took a restraining order out on him for molesting their children. He is due in court next month to answer to charges of not paying child support and spousal support.

You need to contact the VFW at


and let them know what kind of trash they harbor.

The VFW should be ashamed that a piece of shit like Donald Carr muddies the reputation of the VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars).

Look at all those positions Donald Holds. FAILURE is our prediction

Donald swearing an oath just like the one he did when he married both times and is trying to uphold.

More underage girls for Donald to impregnate and molest?

EX-PAT TV no longer ran by Donald Carr?

Some have messaged that the YouTube channel EXPAT-TV is no longer controlled by Donald Carr (aka Johnny Warrior)

If you visit the site you will see that his old buddy Gibb is running it. Gibb is a known worshiper of Donald Carr. He left his wife and children for a 19 year old like his mentor Donald and is finding ways to scam the system.

Gibb in his younger days with his chocolate wife.

Gib now with his his barely legal rental girl friend

We at DonaldCarrfiles.com wish hm much success with taking over EXPAT TV but none of us really believe that Donald is out of the picture. This is attempt to hide from the accusations facing him instead of facing them like a man.

Did Donalds Wife kick him to the curb?

BaguioLife claimed on a live stream recently that Dave Phelps release of Johhny Warriors information (Donald Carr) and the fact that he is a bigamist caused his wife Jermaine to kick him to the curb and that he has moved back to the states. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Donalds alleged In-Laws pictured above
His wife and her parents depend on the pennies that Donalds throws their way.

Do you think that someone who lives in this house (pictured below) can afford to bite the hand that feeds them?

How romantic this 46 year old marrying the love of his life when she turned 18 and had already bore his love-child. The only issue is that he was already married when this marriage took place.

The question everyone is asked is who gets on top and do you think such behavior from a Born-again christian is appropriate?

Donald Kevin Carr repent from your sins and make amends with the women and people you have defrauded and wronged.

Donald in the realization that he is committing the crime of bigamy.

Eric Stang Donalds Carr’s (aka Johnny Warrior’s) fat bitch

Donald rarely does anything on his own he manipulates 17 year old girls or fat fucks like Eric Stang to do his dirty work. Eric is retired military forced out on disability after 16 years and roughly gets $3000 a month to live on. He married a single mother wash woman in 2010 and impregnated her before she gained 60 Kilos.

He claims to be leaving the Philippines soon but don’t hold your breath.

Keep sucking Donalds cock fat fuck!

It sure looks like he likes to eat, smoke and suck his masters dick.

Donald Carr is a pervert part 2.

I am posting this  to expose my husband as the pervert, liar, bigamist and child molester he really is.

This is his teen wife. She is now 22 but was 17 when the met and he impregnated her. She is waiting for him to return from the states where he his hoping the judge does not imprison him for not paying me child and spousal support the past few years.

What can you say about a 46 year old man who sleeps with girls this age and impregnates them? He met and impregnated her on a ‘Missions Trip’ it looked like the one thing he did was engage in Missionary Sex. Poor girls to have to endure a 300LB+, 6’4″ man on top of them who can’t even get a proper erection?


Donald Carr/Johnny Warrior is a pervert.

My husband is a pervert. Some would say he is your ex-husband. The fact is we are legally marred and have been for 20 years and have 2 beautiful children together. In fact he abused those children and left us to go to the Philippines on a missions trip with his church. He came back and I later found out he impregnated a teen age girl and later married her even though he is legally married to me. I have much more to write but I will upload the restraining order I filed against him for thought.

Love Stephanie.

Restraining Order

Donald Carr – Pervert

Welcome to Donald Carr files site. This site is dedicated to exposing the fraud and evil ways of an expat currently living in the Philippines known to many as Johnny Warrior.  Donald is a YouTube blogger who claims to be an expert in many areas, and falsely claims to hold a PhD.  This site will expose thought court documents, eyewitness accounts and alternate media that Donald Carr (AKA Johnny Warrior) is an evil individual. The goal of this site is to encourage him to take responsibility for his evil ways and make amends with those he harmed.

We would also hope that he provides for both of his families (pays spousal and child support) and lives his life in quiet humility.