Donald Carr is a pervert part 2.

I am posting this  to expose my husband as the pervert, liar, bigamist and child molester he really is.

This is his teen wife. She is now 22 but was 17 when the met and he impregnated her. She is waiting for him to return from the states where he his hoping the judge does not imprison him for not paying me child and spousal support the past few years.

What can you say about a 46 year old man who sleeps with girls this age and impregnates them? He met and impregnated her on a ‘Missions Trip’ it looked like the one thing he did was engage in Missionary Sex. Poor girls to have to endure a 300LB+, 6’4″ man on top of them who can’t even get a proper erection?


Donald Carr/Johnny Warrior is a pervert.

My husband is a pervert. Some would say he is your ex-husband. The fact is we are legally marred and have been for 20 years and have 2 beautiful children together. In fact he abused those children and left us to go to the Philippines on a missions trip with his church. He came back and I later found out he impregnated a teen age girl and later married her even though he is legally married to me. I have much more to write but I will upload the restraining order I filed against him for thought.

Love Stephanie.

Restraining Order

Donald Carr – Pervert

Welcome to Donald Carr files site. This site is dedicated to exposing the fraud and evil ways of an expat currently living in the Philippines known to many as Johnny Warrior.  Donald is a YouTube blogger who claims to be an expert in many areas, and falsely claims to hold a PhD.  This site will expose thought court documents, eyewitness accounts and alternate media that Donald Carr (AKA Johnny Warrior) is an evil individual. The goal of this site is to encourage him to take responsibility for his evil ways and make amends with those he harmed.

We would also hope that he provides for both of his families (pays spousal and child support) and lives his life in quiet humility.